‘Thanks to Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s LSE initiative, Diksha may one day become a doctor’

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Know how Mumbai Smiles Foundation ensured Diksha did not drop out of school, and helped her continue her education

22nd April

Diksha Suresh Jadhav’s day is typical in the everyday life of a Mumbaikar. She wakes up early in the morning to help her mother, following which she goes for her school classes at 8 am. Once this is done at 11.30 am, Diksha attends school between 12.30 pm and 6 pm. She then comes home to help her mother with the household duties till 8pm, following which she has dinner with the family. She then studies till 10.30 pm, and waits for another day.

While this is typical for millions of children Diksha’s age, it’s not been an easy journey. Her father has been unemployed since 2015, due to health reasons, and this took a toll on the family. Being a homemaker, Diksha’s mother had plans to send her back to their native village to study (Diksha’s family had moved to Mumbai in 2006 in hope of better job opportunities, as farming wasn’t providing enough to the family). However, thanks to the intervention by Mumbai Smiles in 2017-18, Diksha is today focused on taking her class 10 examinations next year. She recently topped her class 9 exams with 75 per cent.

Simultaneously, her mother has started a packaging and tailoring business from home, and this has also ensured that her siblings also go to school.

Diksha is thankful to Mumbai Smiles Foundation for helping her continue her education. “I would like to thank Mumbai Smiles Foundation for its support during that tough period. Not only did Mumbai Smiles Foundation pay my school fees as a scholarship, but also provided me with study material. Through the organisation, I became a part of the LSE project that helped me build my confidence. During one of the projects, we visited the Sahar police station, where I gave one of the police officers a greeting card. This was much appreciated, and it inspired me to take up art as a hobby, although I would like to be a doctor. The LSE programme has also helped me become more aware of my community.”

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