Spotlight on our teachers—Sanjana Joshi

 In Mumbai Smiles

One can never overstate the impact that a teacher can make on a young life. At Mumbai Smiles, we value and invest in our teachers regularly, through training and support systems. We count ourselves lucky to work with an extremely talented and committed group of teachers who are aware of the specially significant role they play, given that they are educating children from some of the cities most underprivileged communities. Making these children feel at home in a formal education system requires the gifts of kindness, empathy and self-confidence, along with knowledge.

One such face in our preschools is Sanjana Joshi. Before working with us, she had already spent a decade teaching at another Balwadi. Thus, she already had extensive experience of some of the special needs of these children. Apart from her teaching, Sanjana is also a mother. She has two daughters who are pursuing their studies; sadly, her third child passed away a few years ago. Sanjana brings her wealth of experience, knowledge and warmth to our preschools—our students will always value her contribution to their bright futures!

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