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Anita is today an integral part of Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s road forward. Read her story

17th April

People call Mumbai the city of dreams. Sadly, dreams can be shattered, and it’s up to the individual to lift themselves up from the troubles that have befallen them. Anita is such a story. Originally hailing from Nashik, her family moved to Mumbai when she was a child.

When she was five years old, she ended up with an injury from an accident. But due to excess poverty, her parents did not immediately take her to the doctor. Things only took a turn for the worse when her parents passed away. She was the sole survivor and began living in an orphanage. However, the damage on her leg had worsened considerably, leaving her with a permanent disability.

That didn’t pull Anita down. She worked hard and eventually got married when she turned 28. At the time, her husband did not have a home of his own, so the couple rented out a place in MIDC Andheri. Her husband drew in a salary of Rs 10,000, but it was not enough to sustain in a city like Mumbai, so Anita began hunting for jobs.

During this time, Anita met Mrs. Sarita Mayekar – one of Mumbai Smiles’ beneficiaries who conducts courses in making homemade soaps. Through Sarita, Anita leant the craft; she also learned handicraft-making, as well as floral-designs.

Anita finally got an opportunity to work with Mumbai Smiles Foundation and earn money for her family. She is now involved in making rose-based flower designs, and is thankful to Mumbai Smiles for the opportunity.

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