Preschools’ New Sessions have begun!

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Roads are packed again, and cars are honking away, in an attempt to reach their schools or colleges or offices on time. The new academic sessions have begun. So is true for our Preschool Education Centres as well!

While some of these students are not completely new to the preschool centres, the majority of the kids are completely new and hence taking a little while to adjust to new faces and settings around them. While some are super excited about starting preschool, some of these kids just cannot stop crying. And as we all know, when one child cries, it sets off a chain of other kids crying as well. So among all the crying, the parents are getting emotional too as they are leaving their child in the care of a third person now, for the first time (true for most of these parents). What an emotional and beautiful scene every morning.


Because it is a completely new phase for these tiny tots and their parents, the first few weeks of the Preschool are generally kept very short, of up to only 1.5 hours, so the children and their parents can get used to their new daily schedule as also adapt to the new faces around and make friends. Gradually by next month, all the sessions will be held full time, which is 3 hours.

We wish these tiny tots all the best, lots of happiness, fun learning and an amazing time this year!

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