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An individual’s personality plays a very vital role when it comes to his or her performance on work front as well as in personal life. Personality development helps an individual to gain confidence, high self esteem, positive outlook towards life and in honing one’s communication and presentation skills. All the above qualities are more of a necessity for today’s youth to excel in their life.

Keeping this in view Mumbai Smiles holds a series of Personality Development workshops for the students of Yashodhan School which covers a gamut of topics like communication, classroom behavior, self confidence, life skill management, leadership, problem solving, self acceptance & motivation. In this ongoing series, the fourth workshop was held on 28th of February 2013 for the students of Yashodhan School which Mumbai Smiles organizes for them under its Future Smiles project:  “Education and Career Guidance program”. The resource person for this workshop was Ms Priti Tiwari, a psychologist by profession. She is pursuing PhD in psychology from Mumbai University. This whole notion of conducting personality development workshop for Yasodhan school students has been conceived to improve academic and career prospects for them and also to make them a stronger person in future to tackle any adverse situation in life.

The major focus of this workshop was on “Study habits and learning style”. Topics covered were concepts of learning, advantages of different learning styles etc. A total of 116 students from 6th and 7th Std. attended this workshop which consisted of 49 girls and 67 boys. The delivery mechanism for the program was through interactive sessions; comprising of games and narrating case studies of successful personalities which were effective and encouraging for the students.

Also, We welcome professionals with skills in Personality development and related areas to volunteer us, so that they may deliver their expertise in the welfare of these students. Volunteer can reach us through our phone 022 – 29208644 and through email

Your contribution in any form will be highly appreciated!!!

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