Last teachers meeting: Balwadi

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20 march I


We are at the end of the academic year and our balwadi team is busy with lot of activities. Apart from the annual evaluation of the performance of the balwadi children which is carried out in all the balwadis now, there was also a teachers meeting organised last week. Around 58 balwadi teachers and assistants and women belonging to SHG (self help groups) gathered for the last time for the academic year 2013 along with the presence of Mumbai Smiles staff.

This meeting was organised to thank all the teachers for their hard work, patience, and the zeal with which they have imparted education to 700 balwadi children from 2 to 6 years of age. It was a very interactive session as the teachers provided their feedback and suggestions which can be implemented from the next academic year.

Based on the inputs given by these women, a uniform system of guidelines will be developed which will be followed by all the balwadis. The Action Plans and the yearly calendar marked with important days will be given out to all the teachers so that the teachers can plan their activities for the entire year and it will be uniform all over 25 balwadis.

We cannot thank enough to these women for their work and enthusiasm and at the same time we are also very proud to see how these women have become independent and we are impressed to see their level of confidence and courage with which they participated in the meeting.

20 march II

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