Jump 2 Justice for Street Children and Victims of Human Trafficking

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Mumbai Smiles Foundation recently organised a workshop to sensitise its volunteers and beneficiaries 

24th July

If you’re landing in Mumbai late at night, during the last five minutes before your plane makes its touchdown, chances are you will spot Mumbai City brightly illuminated. Tiny little dots of light captivate you, and if you’re a newcomer to this city, chances are you would initially believe that Mumbai truly is the city of dreams.

Thousands of individuals who have never been to the airport (let alone travel by plane), probably felt the same way about Mumbai when they came to the city to live their dreams. Sadly, for many, that dream becomes a nightmare and they are – along with their families – left homeless or forced to live in difficult living conditions.

Since 2005, Mumbai Smiles Foundation has been working towards rehabilitating these less-fortunate individuals, and done its part by setting up preschools, rehabilitation and community centres, to ensure that these individuals can hope for a better tomorrow.

One of its programmes, Jump 2 Justice that focuses on Advocacy, Awareness, and Action, trains and sensitises Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s beneficiaries to fight for justice, and even equips them with the knowledge to advocate for their rights.

Mumbai Smiles Foundation organized a Jump 2 Justice Capacity building training working for its team on 16th July, 2019. The workshop was launched by Ms. Lucia Galant, Deputy Director of Mumbai Smiles Foundation.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Kiran More, covered two primary focus areas – street children and their right to Identity, and human rights violation areas faced by victims of human trafficking.

In India, an estimated 26 million children are born every year of which about 10 million go unregistered. This is why Mumbai Smiles Foundation has taken up this matter. When it comes to street children, Mumbai Smiles Foundation is sensitising its staff on the needs of street children, their right to identity and the Juvenile Justice Act of 2005. An integral part of the workshop is to ensure that the Right to Identity is explained to the team. It is a basic right for any child to have the right to identity – such as an Adhaar card which is an identification card that is a must these days – as that is a basic necessity for a child to be able to function normally, even if it’s to get admission in a. School, or travel from one city to another. From something as simple as education to booking tickets, an identity card is a must. Mumbai Smiles aims to recognize children that have no identity and with the help of Jump 2 Justice, we hope to provide them with the support required to achieve their right to identity.

When it comes to Victims of Human Trafficking, Mumbai Smiles Foundation has sensitised its staff on how to manage its beneficiaries, who are – due to their situation – suffering from mental health issues.

We hope to make a different in the lives of our beneficiaries with a simple step under Jump 2 Justice.

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