Its evaluation time for Balwadi children

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18 mrach I

The final evaluation of all the children in 25 balwadis was carried out last week for the academic year 2013. As you know, our balwadi project caters to 700 odd children between the age group of 2 to 6 years by providing them not only with formal education but also a lot of activities and initiatives are undertaken for the holistic development of the child.

All the children were evaluated on basic skills like identifying animals, birds, colors, alphabets, numbers and reciting a poem. Some group activities were also organised like coloring and drawing to know how well does the child participate and learn in a team. You can see in the photos our enthusiastic children giving their tests with confidence.

The results will be out next month where a report card will be handed out to the parents marked with the educational, health and performance indicators of every child along with the remarks and the feedback by the teachers.

We wish goodluck to all our balwadi children and definitely they deserve a long summer vacation after the exams!

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