Field Coordinator attends workshop for Children’s Education

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The need to constantly evolve and learn new things is second nature of all human beings. And at Mumbai Smiles, we believe in harnessing this second nature to improve ourselves, with the aim to bring more and more to the table of services of our projects that we run with the slums of Mumbai.

One of our field coordinators, Vipul from the Education department recently went for a week long residential workshop on the theme of ‘Children’s Leadership Skills and Child Parliament’ where, in addition to Mumbai Smiles Foundation, present were participants from different parts of the state of Maharashtra, including teachers, students, other social workers as well as one of the Block Development Officers of the state.

Right from games to discussions, all the activities in the workshop were designed to focus on the various skills important for holistic education by imbibing the essence of Life Skills (by way of some ice-breaking games to learn the important of mutual understanding in groups and optimum utilization of resources without wastage), Child Rights (via activities on focusing on children’s needs, wants, safety and protection wherein participants created different models to solve the issues of the topic), Sustainable Development Goals/SDG (by way of conducting a Children’s parliament where the students were given portfolio based on the different SDG and a quiz competition was also held), and other sessions on Sanitation, Hygiene, Effective Training Tools for Children etc, all by way of different games and activities for all.

With the five days of intense, yet fun workshop activities, all the participants got to learn something extra about themselves and their responsibilities towards the children of the society and now we are going to apply all of these new learning in our project modules as well. After all, what is knowledge if not the source of improvement for self and for others. Right?

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