Child Rights Awareness for LSE by J2J

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An awareness session on Child Rights was conducted for the girls of Life Skills Empowerment project recently by the tea of Jump2Justice project team. An awareness session for the LSE girls, this session was a highly interactive one. First the J2J team listed out all the Child Rights that each child (citizen who is less than 18 years of age), then explained each of the Rights and how to exercise it by way of examples.

The next part of the session was a more interactive one with sharing of and discussion on real life situations that the girls have faced sometime in their lives. This segment was a very interactive and active one with girls sharing experiences from their personal lives when they were not aware of some of the Rights that they have and hence faced injustice. But post the session, they felt more confident with respect to many life situations where they would be now more aware on how to handle them.

After this, the last segment also included the roles and responsibilities of parents for holistic growth of a child and the girls seemed very excited to learn some new things that they could go back home and share with their parents! We hope this session has helped them understand how to exercise their Rights and Duties as a child in our society and in case of any issues they can always come back to the J2J team for support and guidance!

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