Building capacities of project teams in delivering need-based interventions for beneficiaries

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Mumbai Smiles Foundation conducts capacity-building workshops to train and sensitise its staff members to organise and implement relevant life skills empowerment modules for their beneficiaries

1st July

Project implementation plans and their successful implementation in the development sector is completely dependent on the field staff. However good a strategy, a difference can be made in the lives of beneficiaries only if the project team is well prepared, perfectly skilled and passionate about delivering results.

For several years, Mumbai Smiles Foundation has been tirelessly working to improve the lives of the underprivileged. The main reason for Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s success is its competent and committed staff for each specific project. Mumbai Smiles Foundation trains its staff members through capacity-building workshops to help them organise life skill empowerment (LSE) sessions for its beneficiaries studying between Class 1 and Class X.

To be able to deliver the sessions effectively to the community, it is imperative that the staff first has conceptual clarity. The objective behind the workshop is to ensure there is clarity on all the concepts that are required to build age specific life skills modules for children and adolescents. Furthermore, Mumbai Smiles Foundation is working with its team to ensure that its members have the ability and the sensitivity to conduct sessions with the beneficiaries of the projects. The workshops will also help the members self-introspect, and enhance their decision-making skills.

The training, conducted by Dr. Dinu Mathew, an experienced counsellor and trainer who is currently being attended by programme heads and field co-ordinators of the School Education and Butterfly Project. These teams were invited for the sessions as their projects mainly focus on Street Children and children of Victims of Human Trafficking, these children study in Class 1 to 10. Currently, Mumbai Smiles Foundation is conducting 11 capacity-building sessions between June and July to sensitise its staff to work with beneficiaries in the Butterfly Project, and the School Education Project. The workshop will not only cover basic Life Skills modules but also cover the issues faced by the target beneficiaries’ groups, to help participants understand the context and relevance of each life skill required to address specific social and mental health issues.

“These workshops will benefit all the participants, as it will help them build capacities for Life Skill Empowerment and will also help sustain the project. These sessions are also helpful for my personality development,” said Sachin Bhagat, Program Manager of the Education Unit.

After the training is completed, the Field Co-ordinators will develop their own life skills empowerment sessions for beneficiaries of their respective projects, by helping them utilize the tools, methodologies and techniques to build modules.

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