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06 FEB I

Last week, we had a very distinguished visitor at Mumbai Smiles.

The Consul General of the Consulate of Spain in Mumbai — Domingo Manso — came to Mumbai Smiles to meet our team, see our work and understand our projects.

As we’ve told you previously, Mumbai Smiles organises visits to our projects so outsiders can get an idea of the work we do and also understand issues of poverty and marginalisation.

These visits, that we’ve named ‘New Glances’ also seek to promote cross-cultural understanding and dispel myths and prejudices on all sides.

Mr Manso, too, came on a visit for this reason and to strengthen the connection between Mumbai Smiles and the Consulate. He was impressed with our work and has assured us of his support too.

In this photograph, you can see him with our Executive Director India Narendra Kumar Dundu.

For more information on our project visits, see this post.

To organise a visit, mail us at

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