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The success of any project can be gauged, not just by the number of participants, but more so by the benefits of it. With the aim to reach out to more children from the lesser privileged community, our Balwadi Team started with an afternoon Balwadi in Vikroli, in association with CIPLA. This year, we asked the parents of the kids enrolled in this afternoon Balwadi, for their feedback and the result was so very encouraging for us!

Mrs. Vanita Sambhaji Patil, mother of Shaurya (aged 4), one of the afternoon Balwadi beneficiaries, expresses her joy at the positive results she sees in her child after the last academic year. “I started seeing good results in my child with the first couple of months of sending him to Balwadi!” she exclaims.

afternoon balwadi

“Along with a good educational atmosphere, the school has helped us learn so much about child nutrition, sanitation and even medi-care knowledge about the correct timings and dosage of vaccinations. Even my son has shown so much improvement in his daily life, like washing hands with soap before every meal, taking interest in his studies, reciting poems, stories and songs to family and friends. He makes us so proud,” she further elaborates. When asked for suggestions and criticism, she smiled and expressed her joy, “Your efforts are proving so beneficial not only to our children but to us as well; I wouldn’t change anything about this project at all!”

The Balwadi team puts its heart and soul into making each and every academic year fruitful for the children and parents alike, and such positive feedback and support from them encourages us to work only harder!

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