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Balwadi Teachers and Assistants at the Eye Camp

The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.

“Charity begins at home” and thus at Mumbai Smiles, we believe that our employees should be one of foremost beneficiaries of our various projects. With this objective, on 3rd December 2014, we organized an eye checkup camp for our Balwadi teachers, assistants and staff members. The main objective of this event was to create awareness about eye disorders and their early detection and to detect refractive errors and eye aliments.

The eye checkup camp was organized in collaboration with Aditya Jyot Foundation at Mumbai smiles office. 64 beneficiaries attended this camp. 40 of them were detected with refractive errors and one with cataract.

On behalf of Mumbai Smiles team, Mr. Narendra Kumar Dundu (EDI) and Dr. Nirmal Ahuja(Helath Unit Head) addressed the beneficiaries and gave a vote of thanks respectively.

All the teachers and assistants were extremely delighted and now feel a greater sense of association with Mumbai Smiles. They were able to raise awareness among themselves and their family members about eye related problems.


Members from Aditya Jyot Foundation conducting eye check up for one of the Balwadi teachers



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