Vitamin A and Deworming Supplementation Programme

 In Preschool

This is one of the most important session for the parents with children from the age group of 1-5 years. We conducted this programme at all 30 of our Balwadis that involved a total of 850 beneficiaries. Vitamin A supplementation is extremely important to safeguard a child’s health in several ways. Upon receiving adequate amounts of Vitamin A while the child is between age of 6-59 months can considerably reduce chances of getting infected. Their risk of dying from diarrhoea is reduced by about 28%, while their overall risk of death is reduced by 12–24%.

It’s not just the child; pregnant woman also need Vitamin A supplementation to aid in the growth of her unborn child and they should also continue post delivery. It also helps in protection of the eyesight; as if one has shortage of Vitamin A in their body, night blindness can be one of the shortcomings. It also helps in prevention of anaemia. Albendazole (Deworming)Tablets kills the intestine worms which affect the child health; absorbing blood and food from the intestine.

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To educate the parents of our beneficiaries on such importance of the supplementation; this session was held. They were made aware of its necessity, side effects, process of giving  the dosage. The children were then administered the dosage following the correct protocol. A child health card was given for every child expected to get the dosage in order to record the supplementation, a pair of scissor each to open the capsule, alcohol based sanitizer to prevent infection, wipes/towels for each person distributing the dosage, a plastic bag/box to dispose the used capsules and tally sheets for each person supplying the Vitamin A.

Here’s what a parent had to say, ” I am very happy to say that our children are getting vitamin A and Deworming tablets in the Balwadis every 6 months and also getting proper information about all vaccinations.”- Vanita Sambhaji Patil, Parent of child in Balwadi no. 24.

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  • Vikas Gaikwad

    Through such vaccination camps organization trying to cover health aspects of balwadi children, and thanks for supporting Vitamin Angel NGO for vitamin A and De-warming tablets…

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