Time Management and Goal Setting session

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Time Management and Goal Setting session

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Girl Child Education Beneficiaries

Girl Child Education, one of the projects under the Mumbai Smiles Education unit, reaches out to disadvantaged girls in order to help them develop holistically. As a part of this, they regularly organize educational sessions that help the girls engage with learning more effectively.

On 24th of December, 2014, a session on Goal setting and Time management was organized for the girls by Mr. Prakash Mohite. He discussed about the various techniques of Time management with the students and helped them to develop time tables to study. Based on the analysis of strengths and weaknesses he then helped them all to better utilize their time. The students listed out all the activities they undertook during the day and prioritized them. The students were asked to alter their schedule and focus more on important things like for example: instead of watching TV for more than an hour the student can read a book or study for an extra hour and utilize the remaining time in playing or reading or resting. The students were then given a worksheet in which they would mention their current schedule and the revised schedule. The students also discussed about the importance of goal setting. They were explained the differences between short term and long term goals and taught techniques to build them. The students were told about setting SMART goals and setting targets to achieve them.

Overall the session was very informative and helped them to channelize their resources. The students said that the worksheets given to them will help them to concretely develop their goals and work towards it in a timely manner.

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