Smiling Schools starts a new chapter

 In Life Skills Empowerment, Mumbai Smiles

Smiling Schools is an innovation created by Mumbai Smiles to bring cultural exchange and peer interaction with other countries to our partnering schools in Mumbai. It involves helping our students interact with their peers in schools in Spain through letters and online. The idea is to help our students absorb a completely different culture and broaden their outlook on the world. For many of them, this is an invaluable experience in helping to understand the things they have in common with children halfway across the world.

We recently inaugurated a new chapter of Smiling Schools at Savitribai Phule Girls’ School in Mumbai. The first step was an orientation session with about 81 students. We introduced Mumbai Smiles as an organization, followed by a short session on Spain—its history, culture and traditions. After arousing the students’ interest, we then explained how the Smiling Schools concept works and how it would be implemented in their school. After the session, the students gave us a lot of positive feedback and shared their excitement at being a part of the programme.

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