Scholarship scrutiny for Future Smiles and Girl Child education beneficiaries

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At Mumbai Smiles, we take strong measures to ensure that there is no leakage of funds contributed by our various stakeholders and that only the deserving get monetary support in the form of scholarships. To achieve the above objective, we organized scrutiny meetings on 5th and 12th November for the Future Smiles and Girl Child Education projects. The meeting was conducted to review applications for scholarships and grant them as per the justified need.  These scholarships will be distributed according to criteria of past performance, income level of parents, legitimate school enrollment etc. For this purpose, various documents were requested from the beneficiaries such as Ration Card, Mark sheets, parent’s income certificate etc.

The committee, which consists of external and internal members on the panel, evaluated the forms and questioned the team for further clarifications. The Future Smiles team conducted home visits and collected data before the meeting to authenticate the data. The scholarship amounts shall be sanctioned based on economic and social need of the applicant.

These scholarships will help beneficiaries accomplish their dreams of studying and becoming independent. One of the beneficiaries, Pranali Mohan Ahire spilled her heart out and said the following through a card for our Future Smiles team, ”A friend in need is a friend in deed. Just like that you are my friend and you help me through scholarships. Thank You Mumbai Smiles for making me Smile.”.

These meetings are an integral part of all our projects and ensure that the objectives of the projects are met through the proper disbursement and allocation of funds.

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