Preschool for children of human trafficking victims inaugurated

 In Mumbai Smiles

Educating one’s children is both a dream and a cherished responsibility for every parent. However, there are many parents who have suffered grievous injustices in life that make it very difficult for them to educate their children. The Constitution of India has also enshrined the Right to Education as a Fundamental Right of every child up to the age of 14 years. At Mumbai Smiles, our education projects work to help disadvantaged parents and children realise the dream of education every day.

The 13th of September 2018 was a red-letter day for us as it marked the inauguration of a new preschool at Ghatkopar, a collaboration between Mumbai Smiles and Vijay Krida Mandal, an NGO that works for women’s empowerment. This preschool is significant because it is meant for the children of victims of human trafficking who live and work in Ghatkopar’s red-light area. It presents a beacon of hope for these parents who want a brighter and better future for their kids. The inauguration was attended by Jaume Sanllorente, the General Director of Mumbai Smiles, Inés Ramos, the Deputy Director, Santosh Kasle, the Chairman of Vijay Krida Mandal, Vikas Gaikwad, the Programme Officer of the Mumbai Smiles Preschool Education Project, as well as other field officers, parents and teaching staff.

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