Preschool follow-up visit at Phule Nagar

 In Mumbai Smiles

Education for all is one of the most important ways to transform society and reduce inequality. At Mumbai Smiles, our Preschool Project is designed to get students from disadvantaged communities into the education process and give them a good start in life. Apart from designing the curriculum and putting it into practice at our preschools, regular follow-ups and tracking are important tools to ensure that the programme runs smoothly and meets its objectives.

The Follow-up Department at Mumbai Smiles conducted field visit at Preschool 15 at Phule Nagar, Powai, on 16 August 2018. The visit was conducted by a field coordinator and a field officer, in a classroom consisting of two teaching staff and 19 students. The objective was to observe the new curriculum and teaching-learning process in action, in order to evaluate whether the programme is running successfully. Different activities such as storytelling, colour identification, math activities, etc. were conducted during the course of the day.

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