News from Spain: A book club and an exhibition

 In Mumbai Smiles

19 FEB I

Our partner office, Sonrisas de Bombay, in Barcelona, Spain, takes part in many activities and initiatives designed to raise awareness about Mumbai Smiles and issues of poverty and marginalisation.

As part of this, Sonrisas de Bombay is now part of a book club organised at a local library, Josep Soler Vidal de Gava.

The book club, which is called ‘Cicle SolidaritatS’ (Solidarity Cycle), also read and discussed the book Bombay Smiles: The Trip that Changed my Life, written by Mumbai Smiles Founder and General Director Jaume Sanllorente. The discussion also covered the evolution of Mumbai Smiles and its projects.

As an extension of this, there is another talk and exhibition on the subject of ‘We have secured our Rights: The Struggle for Human Rights from Mumbai Smiles’.


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