Life Skills Empowerment session for adolescent girls

 In Mumbai Smiles

The idea of education is not static; it is always evolving to serve the needs of people in a fast-changing world. Over the last few years, educationists have identified life skills as an important component that is often not covered adequately in formal education. What do life skills consist of? These are important ways of thinking, analysing and problem-solving that help us to deal with situations successfully in everyday life. They are a vital part of education in the 21st century and perhaps they could be a key factor in helping disadvantaged youth navigate the challenges of the future.

Life Skill Empowerment is an important component in our Higher Education Project. The first session on the subject this year was conducted at the Savitribai Phule Girls School at Saki Naka, Mumbai on 6 September 2018. This was an ice-breaker session conducted with 20 adolescent girls. These sessions will continue to impart valuable life skills training to the girls over the course of the year. It is our hope that the skills these girls learn will empower them to chase their dreams and ambitions after their education is completed.

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