Life Skills Empowerment pre-test conducted

 In Mumbai Smiles

As education evolved rapidly to keep pace with the changing world, we at Mumbai Smiles are also striving to adapt our education programmes. The Life Skills Empowerment (LSE) programme is an innovation that we have designed to bring vital 21st-century life skills training to the young students enrolled in our education projects. Life skills such as logical thinking, analysis, decision-making, money management, etc. are crucial for our students to become independent, successful individuals after their education is completed.

As the LSE module for this year is about to begin, a crucial step is an orientation session and a pre-test for the students, so that we can ascertain what they already know about life skills. Such a session was conducted at St. Rock’s School in Marol Naka on 12 September 2018 with 16 students. This session was a great way to kick off the LSE programme for the year, aiming to empower a new batch of young students.

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