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An open mind is the beginning of self-discovery and growth.” – Erwin D Hall

We certainly resonate with the above philosophy and hence work towards creating awareness in the society through our works and activities, enlightening everyone who comes in touch with us. With the same objective, we have implemented New Glances, a project that aims to raise awareness nationally and internationally about the situation and life conditions of millions of people living in the slums of Mumbai. It is through this project, that people from all over the world have had the opportunity to visit our project sites, experience the progress and thus leave with an indelible impression.

Recently, one such visitor, Ivan Huelves, visited us on the 15th December 2014. During his stay here, he visited few Balwadis, and HOPE and SEED project sites. As a token of appreciation, he gifted certain stationery items for the use of Balwadi children. His entire stay was very enlightening and he gave us the following feedback after his project visits:

“Thank you for doing the work you are doing in India! Your work is incredible, keeping in mind the pace with which the city is growing. Hope that you continue working and keep up the light that serves as a beacon for thousands of people as an inspiration to keep believing and building a better world. The field visit was invaluable and I will keep it in my heart to continue sharing it with loved ones. A big hug to you all and all the very best!” – Ivan Huelves

Thank you Ivan for the wonderful remarks and we look forward to meet you again in the future.


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    Thank you very much Ivan!!

    We really appreciate it!

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