Follow up eye checkup camps organized across all Balwadis

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Eye check up of a Balwadi child

Blindness is one of the most severe – yet preventable and treatable – illnesses faced among the lower socio-economic strata of society. Fortunately, there are several cost effective interventions available to treat visual impairment and blindness. The eye and health care project of Mumbai Smiles provides eye/health care screening & treatment facilities to the underprivileged communities. The project aims to increase awareness and improve access to eye/health care services. Mumbai Smiles has successfully carried out 20 camps for eye checkup in partnership with Haji Bacchu Ali Eye Hospital, Vision Foundation of India and Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital.

With the same objective, eye checkup camps were organized across all 25 Balwadis Camp earlier in the month of December. Out of the 780 children across all Balwadis, 140 children were detected with eye problems such as infections and refractive errors. It was decided to screen the children once again for proper treatment.

With this objective, follow up eye checkup camps were organized across all Balwadis in the month of January. A total of 140 children were screened this time, including referred and absent children. In this camp, 55 Children were identified with refractive errors, 40 with infections, 3 with nystagmus, 1 each with Squint and stye and 9 with other eye aliments. They have now been referred to the Hospital for further treatment.

Mahendra, Bapu, Chandrakala (Balwadi FCO) and Balwadi teachers and assistance again helped in making the camp a successful one. Further treatments and investigations are in process.


Balwadi children with their parents, after being given eye drops

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  • Natasha

    Such camps are so required and its indeed great that Mumbai Smiles is able to organize such camps for the little children!

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