Day-long visit to preschools by visitors

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It is always a proud moment for us when we get to share our work and the people that we impact with the outside world. It allows us not only to share the problems that the underprivileged are facing but also to help people get involved with our work. On 27 August 2018, we conducted a field visit with four visitors—Ivan, Emma, Marc and Laura. The day-long visit gave us time not only to visit two of our preschools but also gave our visitors time to interact with some families living nearby.

First on the schedule was a visit to our preschool at Govandi. After seeing the school and the facilities, the visitors spent some time interacting with some families living in the slums nearby. They were surprised to see how difficult living conditions at the slum are, but the optimism and resilience of the slum-dwellers touched their hearts. After this, we conducted a visit at our new preschool in Powai, where Marc and Laura enjoyed practising yoga with the children. All four were very pleased to see our work and the difference it is making. Having spent the day seeing our efforts to improve the lives of the disadvantaged in Mumbai, Emma has decided to join the Mumbai Smiles family as a donor.


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