Bi-monthly meeting with preschool teaching staff

 In Mumbai Smiles

We all remember our favourite teachers from our school lives very fondly. As we grow older, we appreciate the roles they have played in moulding us even more. But it is easy for us to forget how hard teachers actually work and how much they put into their jobs. Teacher support and development is a vital part of any viable education plan, and at Mumbai Smiles it is a big part of our philosophy. We know that every teacher that we impact actually carries that impact forward to all the children in her classroom.

Towards that end, the Preschool Education Project held their bi-monthly meeting with the teaching staff and assistants of our preschools on 30 August 2018. The agenda was to help the staff members refamilarize themselves with the project guidelines. Also, this was a good chance for us to chart the progress of the project with the help of the teachers. It gave us vital insights into how the preschools are performing in real time. We also welcomed the new recruits among the teachers and assistants and had a refresher session on relevant Human Resource policies for the whole group.

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