Bi-monthly meeting with preschool teachers and assistants

 In Mumbai Smiles

At Mumbai Smiles, we firmly believe that imparting marketable skills to underprivileged women can be an engine for both social and economic progress, helping many to rise out of poverty. Our Livelihood Project trains women from disadvantaged backgrounds with employable skills. Some women have been trained as teachers and assistants and also employed at our preschools. They are not only earning a living with their skills; they are also helping us in our mission to spread education among disadvantaged communities.

On 7 September 2018, we held a meeting with 9 teachers and 9 assistants who are a part of the Livelihood Project and are teaching at our preschools. These meetings are an important channel for us to gain feedback on how the preschools are performing on the ground and whether they are meeting the project guidelines successfully. They are also a vital teacher support event. This meeting was no different, as the women shared their views on how to make the preschools work more smoothly and maximise their potential.

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