A lesson in Human Rights

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A group comprising six women, interacted with human trafficking victims and learnt a valuable lesson in life.

9th April

On March 18, 2019, our dear friend Quim visited our Ghatkopar centre with a new group. This group comprised of six ladies from various walks of life ranging from tattoo artists, teachers, hairdressers, and bankers.

Their visit began with a cup of tea, while listening to the Mumbai Smiles Foundation presentation. Following this, there was a Q&A session and we answered as many questions as we could. We then took them to see our projects as they were keen to know how we work. We first visited a preschool centre at Ghatkopar’s red light area where most of the students are children of victims of human trafficking.

We met a woman, who despite being a victim of trafficking, was confident and happy because her two daughters and son-in-law had accepted her happily. Her daughters, too, live a normal life.

After talking to them we left for the high school visit. Though it was the time of state board exams, our beneficiaries were enthusiastic to meet our guests. We visited one of the beneficiary’s home along with some of our students. The students shared their dreams and aspirations, while our visitors shared how they grew up. At the end, they realised that they had similar dreams.

We then visited a school in Mandala area that is helping Mumbai Smiles Foundation open a school in the nearby community for children between 2 and 5 years. The visitors were surprised to see the classrooms full of students with big smiles. Our visitors admired the walls painted by a team of volunteers and students with messages on saving water and electricity and the importance of unity.

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