86 screened at First Eye Camp of the year

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We have started with the activities of our new year, 2017-18 and our first activity was a free eye checkup camp for the underprivileged community citizens in Balaji of Goregaon area (northern area of Mumbai), where 86 citizens, including men, women and children were tested for various eye ailments.

With the support of a local temple of the area, Om Shakti Temple, who provided us with free logistical support for this eye camp and in collaboration with Doctor Eye institute, the camp helped with identifying 26 citizens with refractive errors and 16 with cataract. Of these, 13 have been referred for further evaluation, to see the gravity of their ailment and then proceed with the appropriate treatment, as these 13 seemed to have some deeper issues.

Now, the next step is to provide solutions to the eye problems for these 42 citizens. The 26 with refractive error will receive free spectacles, as per their prescriptions, once made. As for those who have been detected with cataract, the process has begun for their free surgery and correctional treatment.

Such camps prove to be a very essential activity for the slum citizens since most of them are unable to afford the good medical checkups, which are essential, especially after a certain age. And even through our camps, we find many elderly citizens dealing with cataract but unable to get the correct treatment due to lack of monetary resources. And that is where we try to conduct such free health camps, with the support of our supporters and partners who help us reach out to more and more citizens of our city.

We want to thank Om Shakti Temple and Doctor Eye Institute from the bottom of our heart for the selfless support they have extended to us and our community family members!

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