Volunteers Day 2017 Celebrations!!

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We at Mumbai Smiles Foundation have been very fortunate to work with a number of volunteers. While many of our volunteers belong to India, we do have some collaborators who join us in our work against poverty and help us as volunteers in various ways.

This year, we have had the privilege of working with more than 10 volunteers and we thought why not celebrate the Volunteers Day in a grand way this time!

So, as a gesture of our appreciation for all the hard and selfless work of our volunteers, we decided to throw a thank-you party for them in our office. And since all of them couldn’t make it to our office on the very day (December 5), we continued the celebrations a little longer to include the celebrations for each of our volunteers in the city. Here are some photos of the celebrations:





We are so happy to see all of them had a great time in those few minutes of celebrations and were pleasantly surprised and some of them quite overwhelmed as well. The first day was celebrated with our international collaborators, Gurutze (Finance Department), Genis (Multiple Departments) and Cindy (Communication Departments); the second day was celebrated with one international collaborator Lucia (Awareness Department) and an India volunteer Dr. Vaidehi (Health Department) and the third day was celebrated with our current volunteer Vivek (Communication Department).

With some balloons, ribbons, cakes and photo frames, this series of events was full of pleasant surprises, emotions, happiness, appreciation and happy speeches! And for those who could not make it for the celebrations, right from our oversees collaborators – Andy and David, to those were caught up with other activities – Komal, Ishika and Vanshika – we are very, very thankful to each and every one of you for the time and efforts that you have put in while sharing our vision of seeing a smiling Mumbai, free from the shackles of poverty and for becoming such an indispensible part of the Mumbai Smiles family!

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  • Pravin Birhade

    Dear Volunteers thank you so much to contribute in our project and giving your valuable time to us. We will be definitely miss you lot. Thanks again.