Case Study- mMitra Project

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RatanRatan has been associated with Mumbai Smiles since November 2015. She has been living in Marol Pipeline slum for the last ten years with her family. She works at a private company in Marol itself.

This is her first child and she availed of mMitra calls post delivery. She religiously tries to follow the messages and informations the calls provide her. Her child is going to be six months old soon and she has made sure to not give him any outside food or water, thanks to mMitra calls. She has only breastfed him which is often reminded through the mMitra messages. She plans to slowly integrate solid food in the child’s life once he completed six months. The calls inform her about baby’s food intake frequency, importance of giving fresh fruit juices post six months. Each message contains one important point which should be remembered and followed.

Two of her other friends also receive mMitra messages and they always get together to discuss and share information with each other. This helps them learn and retain new information. Ratan is always curious to know what information will she get each day and eagerly awaits them.

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