A tryst with cancer – Riddhi Salian

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Riddhi enjoying her New Year’s gift

Riddhi Salian is 2 and a half years old girl, with Rhabdomyosarcoma (a type of cancer). She resides in Kandivali West, with her family members. Her father, Umesh Salian is a tailor by profession and is the sole earner for the family while her mother is a homemaker. Riddhi is the only child in her family and is very close to her aunt, Laxmi Poojarim who is also a homemaker. Laxmi forgets all her problems when she talks and plays with Riddhi.  Everyone close to Riddhi had great expectations from her until one fine day, when it was discovered that she had cancer.

Riddhi was just more than 2 years when she started experiencing pain in left side of her nose; the reason – a grape sized red color tumor. Laxmi immediately took her to a hospital where the doctor suggested for a surgery but simultaneously was unwilling to undertake it himself as she was too young for such a surgery. Time elapsed and Riddhi became normal again. One fine day, while playing with her family members, she suddenly collapsed and her nose started bleeding. The frightened family members immediately rushed her to the hospital where she underwent some tests and a surgery. Her test reports still however didn’t indicate any signs of cancer and things became normal once again.

The tumor returned – this time the attack being more severe. The family didn’t want to take any chance and hence on advice of a family friend, approached Holy Spirit Hospital. The doctor read her previous reports and resent her earlier test samples for proper diagnosis. “Riddhi is living with Rhabdomyosarcoma”, he said after the results of the test samples were out. He immediately advised them to approach a cancer specialist in the same hospital. The cancer specialist undertook a detailed study and finally concluded that the entire treatment would cost around 5.27 lakhs. The family members were devastated by this news as they didn’t have any means to finance such huge costs.

This is when the HOPE team of Mumbai Smiles approached and counseled the family members. The team also provided assistance such as Diagnostic support, medicine, blood component support and conveyance besides other hygiene items such as diapers, mouth wash and nutritional items.

Riddhi has undergone 8 chemo cycles and 30 radiations till now. She is fine now and is reliving her happy childhood days. Meanwhile Hope team visits her home regularly and takes updates about her socio economic and health status. The HOPE team has also provided her with scholarship and education materials to allow her to continue her academic year. She regularly goes to a nearby school and is making new friends and living a beautiful childhood. Riddhi’s presence around never lets anybody observe what she is facing in life. Her determination exemplifies what a real spirit of a fighter is.

It is truly said, “Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”

pic 3

Riddhi during her therapy


Riddhi being given nutritional support by the EDI

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  • Kalidas Rote

    Cancer is cureable but Early first stage of cancer. we give all support for this patient like moral support, Medical Aid, Diet food supplements , Educational support. …… keep it up team!!!!

  • Vikas Gaikwad

    God bless Riddhi, god ,please give the spirit to her father and mother …..for taking care of her….

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