Viaja a Bombay


Planning a trip to Mumbai? Want to see a reality of Mumbai first hand to understand the development projects that we carry out in the slums of this megacity? Then write to us at and we will organise a visit for you!

As a tool to maintain complete transparency with our donors, partners, associates, supporters and well-wishers, our Responsive Action project has been organising a one to two day visits to our project areas to create awareness and sensitization about the harsh reality of existence of extreme poverty and inequality in the slum communities of Mumbai.. Through these visits, we are not only able to reach out to a number of prospective donors and collaborators, much like yourselves,, but you can also help us by becoming our ambassadors among your friends and family members.

Voluntariado en Bombay


  • This is not slum tourism.
  • Learning & Interactive Sessions with the citizens first hand.
  • Understand the vulnerability faced by the slum communities.
  • Don’t trust our words. See the work & progress of the citizens yourself.
  • Help us in our struggle to see a poverty-free Mumbai one day.
Visita nuestros proyectos


Last year, we welcomed a total of 170 visitors from 10 different countries, including India, Spain, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, Canada and Argentina. Of these, while some were already our members from our sister organisation, Sonrisas de Bombay, some became our donors post their visit and some, mostly students from Spain, became collaborators or volunteers with Sonrisas de Bombay. We would love to welcome YOU as well into the Mumbai Smiles family!

  • Oscar & Olga Perez

    I admire the efforts & energy you put into your projects. I wish you never stop working for the young people and families who have uncertain future.

    Oscar & Olga Perez Visitors
  • Pablo, Adrian, Nicolas & Laura

    Thank you for creating smiles on the faces of those who are destined to be under privileged...People like you create hope.

    Pablo, Adrian, Nicolas & Laura Visitors
  • Mariana

    Seeing the photographs is nothing like seeing the situation with your own eyes! Thank you for showing me the ground reality.

    Mariana Visitor