All year around

The visit is for one day, it starts at 8:30 in the morning and usually ends at 1:30 in the afternoon, although we cannot ensure the end time because the distances in Mumbai are very long and there is always a lot of traffic. During the day several projects are visited in 3 different locations, always interfering minimally in their daily implementation.

At 8:30 a.m.
Meeting point: We meet the visits organizer at the Ghatkopar East Metro Station (It is requested to follow the planned itinerary). From there we move to the Smiling Bus (our mobile bus) located in the Bhandup area, which will be the first stop.

From 9.00 to 11.00h
The visit begins in the Smiling Bus with an awareness talk about Mumbai, the reality of the most disadvantaged communities with and for which we work and the projects that Mumbai Smiles develops both in this great Indian city and in other areas of Asia where we promote our projects.

When the presentation ends, it is the start time of the sessions in the Smiling Bus, so you can interact with the Life Skills Empowerment team, in charge of this project, and with the children who attend these sessions daily to receive their classes.

From 11.00 to 12.00h
We move to the Govandi area, where there is the Deonar dumping ground, the largest in the city and one of the largest in Asia. Here, we visit one of the kindergartens, of our preschool education project through which we teach school children under 6 years of age, who are vulnerable to fall into the networks of human trafficking.

From 12 to 13:30h
In Govandi, we will also go to the Chedda Nagar community, where we will visit another of the preschools that we conduct in the area, and we will know the community and the situation in which the families with whom we work coexist.

In Chedda Nagar the visit ends but before that, there is some time in which you can interact with our beneficiaries and later, fill out feedback form in which you can write your experience about the visit.

Finally, the visit organizer will accompany the visitors to drop them at the start point where we have started the visit in the morning.

Traffic and distances in Mumbai are huge, so we recommend leaving for the Meeting Point well in advance. If the accommodation is located in the south of the city, we recommend leaving at least one and a half hours in advance.

Remember, if you want to visit our projects you just have to write to
visits@mumbaismiles.org and our field team will coordinate your visit. We will wait for you!

  • “Seeing kindergarten children in a healthy, safe environment and their smiles through what they learn is priceless. "

    Melany Visitante
  • “The visit has helped us to understand a little better the reality of India and to verify that our small contribution has been materialized for the neediest.”

    Gustavo Visitor
  • "It's impressive to see the impact that can have a goodwill, ground knowledge and the passion to help."

    Franziska Visitor