Important information

For stays in India of less than 60 days, it is best to obtain the online visa (eVisa), it is more practical and faster. We recommend that you process it exclusively from the official website of the online visa.

To process the visa online you have to meet some requirements that can be consulted in this link.

And here we leave the steps to fill out the online form, only available in English (see link). It is a user guide only in English to make the online form filling easier.

For a stay in India more than 60 days, the visa must be processed through the Company VFS Global Spain SL. All the requirements, steps to follow and information on obtaining the 6-month tourist visa can be found on their website.

You can also look at this link, where it is explained in detail and in a simple way how to proceed to obtain the tourist visa.

  • “Seeing kindergarten children in a healthy, safe environment and their smiles through what they learn is priceless. "

    Melany Visitante
  • "It's impressive to see the impact that can have a goodwill, ground knowledge and the passion to help."

    Franziska Visitor
  • “The visit has helped us to understand a little better the reality of India and to verify that our small contribution has been materialized for the neediest.”

    Gustavo Visitor