Visitors! Laura, Marian, Inés & Bea

 In Mumbai Smiles

On Friday we had a group of four women from Spain come to visit us, and we were delighted to show them our projects all around Mumbai!

Bea, Marian, Inés and Laura had just landed the night before they came to visit us and on the ride on the way to the preschool in Sai Bangoda they told us how they all worked in Zaragoza as English teachers, except for Inés, who was still studying. They were delighted to see the children in the preschool singing along to everyone’s favorite nursery rhymes and as we walked around the village, they stopped to take pictures of the animals walking around and the amazing view of the green fields and mountains. Then we visited another preschool in Andheri itself and spoke to the teachers about how our projects had made them more confident and given them the opportunity to work. The women joined us for lunch at the offices, where they got a chance to talk to the team and eat some yummy Indian food prepared by the ladies from the community. Then we visited the women from the slum communities who helped make our long-lasting cloth roses for Sant Jordi. After that, sadly, it was time to leave. The girls thanked the team and left wonderful comments saying “Since we decided to come to the country, we were wondering if we could collaborate in some way. It wasn’t possible till now but you have given us the opportunity to know your projects and be a little more aware of the reality of Bombay. Thank you for the treatment and for sharing this little bit with us. We hope to be able to collaborate with you in the future and thus contribute a little.” 

It was a pleasure to have you all, and we hope to see you again soon!

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