Spectacles Distribution for Balwadi Children

 In Preschool

Eye camps were organised at all 30 Balwadis. Post screening and testing, few kids were in need of spectacles for a clearer vision.

Out of total 930 screened children in Balwadis, total 52 children were found with refractive error and squint problem and needed spectacles, so those 52 kids were provided with the spectacles by Mumbai Smiles  with the help of Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital.


Feedback from the parent-

“ I want to express my special thanks to Mumbai smiles for screening my daughter’s eyes for any errors. Also for the right guidelines to us because my daughter has a squint problem and we thought that this problem cannot be corrected, but after the treatment and checkup during the 2nd round  in Aditya Jyot Hospital, doctors have informed us that this problem will be solved by some exercise or operation ”- Aditi  Avinash Gaikwad (Mother of Arya Gaikwad, Balwadi no. 24, Suryanagar Nagar)

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  • Natasha

    This is great! The kids look adorable!