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“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”.
Dorothea Lange


Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words has grasped its true purpose beyond doubt. On one hand, where words form a sweet symphony of magic, pictures showcase the orchestra of the soul. Today is World Photography Day, a day that celebrates the incredible invention of Daguerreotype, a photographic processes developed by Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre in 1837. Although there was another process before this which was used to create permanent photography, this was the most practical.


Imagine a time when photography didn’t exist, seems unreal right? It forms such a core of our existence; capturing emotions through those highly defined lenses and sharing them with the world is a common practice now. Photography has given us a chance to go down memory lane that the brain has forgotten, to impart knowledge in its truest form, to share innocence, laughter or sadness, to admire the beauty that seems so out of reach, to acknowledge the world we live in and the world afar.


With time, photography has become such a passionate and one of the most sought after profession. We can all take photographs but only a few can capture its essence. Waiting for hours/months/years to capture that perfect photograph requires diligence and patience and to all those photographers who put in such hard work, we salute them. Photography is an expression of art which is so pure but still so highly complicated. It’s a medium which allows people to see the reality of a moment that has gone by.

Today, the entire world is buzzing with exhibitions, showcases of renowned and amateur photographers celebrating this incredible day. Keeping the tradition alive, we have chosen some of the best photographs taken by our staff when on field, covering various projects. When words don’t reach people, efforts are taken to reflect the work done through photographs.
Here’s wishing all you photographers a colourful journey ahead.


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