Parents Meeting at all 30 Balwadis

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Parents meet is extremely crucial for a smooth functioning of the Balwadis. This allows us to get an idea and understand in depth rooms for improvement, if any. A review is conducted of the previous month’s activities; this was the last Parents Meet for the academic year of 2015-16. The parents are also provided with a platform wherein they can share the development of their child post being enrolled in the Balwadi.


There are also some important discussions that take place such as importance of regular attendance of the child, child vaccinations, SHG’s related issues about supplementary nutrition, parent’s responsibilities, cleanliness etc.

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They are also made aware of the new enrollment for the next academic year. The agenda for this month was Child Health. Owing to that a talk was also organised on Tuberculosis, 930 parents were provided with this information and its treatment process.

20160223_105115Another motivational process we follow is awarding one child as the healthiest child of the month; which in turn motivates the other parents to take more care of their child’s health.

It was nice to receive a positive feedback from the parents. Here’s what one of them had to say- Parent from Marolpipline, Meera Rajbhar said, “Before admission my child was very weak in terms of her health and would not gain weight. After joining the Balwadi I’ve noticed tremendous improvement in terms of her physical and mental health”.  


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