LSE Programme aided Pooja, who become financially independent

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The programme brought about changes in her life – emphasised on the importance of education, how to communicate, and built confidence to achieve larger goals in life

25th January

The Life Skills Empowerment module developed by Mumbai Smiles is what we consider beyond formal education and the skills needed to survive in the real world. The LSE module can reach out and make a difference even to beneficiaries who have completed their schooling. Education on life skills plays a vital role for students in the 21st century and perhaps they could be a key factor in helping disadvantaged youth navigate the challenges of the future.

Pooja Prajapati is currently living with her father and siblings at Marol pipeline. She liked the LSE sessions which spoke about reproductive system, family education, menstrual hygiene and how to take care of our body. These sessions helped her in taking care of herself and her sisters. Because of these sessions she was made aware on how to keep oneself hygienic during menstruation. Earlier she was unaware of the hygienic practices during periods as there wasn’t anyone to tell her about it because her mother passed away at an early age.

The programme brought about changes in Pooja’s life – emphasis on importance of education, how to communicate, and built confidence to achieve larger goals in life. The LSE programme empowered Pooja with self-confidence—the shy girl, now works at Domino’s Pizza, Saki Naka and is helping her family with her earnings. She has also earned the ‘best worker’ award at her work place. Kudos to Pooja, it is cases like these that make us proud of what we do at our LSE program.

She is currently studying in F.Y. B.Com. We loved watching Pooja blossom into a financially independent young woman—we wish her all the best for her future!

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