Livelihood Program Monthly Meeting

 In Mumbai Smiles

The Livelihood Program teachers had their monthly meeting last Thursday, and we are pleased to say it was a huge success. Between teaching the new teachers how to correctly measure the kids as well as addressing all their concerns, we have taken one more step to improve the project as a whole.

The Livelihood project was organized by past Mumbai Smiles teachers in which, with our help, they set up their own pre-schools from which they can teach and receive a salary. The way this works is that their schools have higher fees, and through those, the teachers and assistants can get a salary. The teachers are more than happy with this arrangement as it is encouraging financial independence as well as stability, and whatever concerns that arise, are discussed in the meetings.

This meeting in particular, however, had more to it. We had instructors from our very own offices who showed the teachers how to tell if the kids were healthy by measuring their arms, height, and weight, since the preschools not only teach the kids but make sure that they are fine health wise.

We are so proud of the teachers in this project and are glad we can provide support as their careers begin taking off.

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