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Education plays a huge role in breaking through the clutches of poverty, unemployment, becoming aware of their rights and duties. There was a time when the wisest man was considered to be the most powerful person since he had attained the knowledge of the world and that was the highest achievement of all. Education is the nation’s strongest hope towards a better society; a way towards the achievement of being a developed country. Knowledge cannot be sold; it has to be gained within the journey of our life and only those with true passion to learn can achieve it.

Today is International Girl Child Day. A day to commemorate and honour the blessing of being a girl and getting everything she rightfully deserves.  Even today, many parts of our country have situations wherein a girl is denied of her basic rights. This inequality includes areas such as right to education/access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protection from discrimination, violence against women and child marriage. Even though we consider ourselves a modern society; adopting the ways of the west and moving forward, we are still lagging behind when it comes to acknowledging the true potential of a girl child.

There are a lot of NGOs that are involved in this service. They try reaching out to the remotest areas to educate these people and make them aware of what’s wrong and right. While the government should do their bit doesn’t mean that leaves us out. Volunteer with such organizations to help curb this ill practice. Try reaching out to people who are out of reach. Teach them, educate them and guide them, these are the only way to end female infanticide.

We at Mumbai Smiles are also doing our best to support a girl child. One of our project called Girl Child Education (GCE) was envisioned in 2013 with the central aim to provide education opportunities to the girls who may otherwise discontinue their education due to lack of resources. According to UNICEF, India, “Almost half the girls in Maharashtra’s countryside marry and have babies while they are still teenagers, and continue a cycle of malnutrition and illness that affects their children.” Therefore, this GCE Project was initiated to surmount these difficulties and bring about gender responsiveness in health and education.

Celebrate this day and take an oath to never form opinions based on gender and do your bit for the society. The youth of today; is the voice of India. It’s time to make some noise and acknowledge the neglected States that also need your help. We thought the war was over ages ago; but there are girls who live it daily. The dream of a shining India is still a tiny dot lost in our atmosphere. Unless and until we all don’t participate in doing our bit the world would keep crumbling. There are millions of us and if each went and did something good for someone in need, imagine the spread of goodwill. Beyond our wildest comprehension. So take a step, ahead. Let’s try becoming the stars of shining India.

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  • Natasha

    That’s a fantastic read! Thanks!

  • Kalidas Rote

    New generation give the value education and equally treat to girl child then will become real shining India.

  • Vikas Gaikwad

    Its great initiation of Mumbai smiles because when one girl will take education then her family will automatically will develop….