Epilepsy drive organized in collaboration with “Hope on Wheels Foundation”

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“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”
At Mumbai Smiles, we spread the light through our awareness drives and programs. The Awareness Department at Mumbai Smiles organizes various campaigns, workshops and conferences to spread awareness at national and international levels. World Health Day, World No-Tobacco Day, World AIDS Day, Epilepsy Day and others are some of the days on which we organize awareness drives.
With the same objective, Epilepsy Awareness Drive was organized on 14th October 2014 in partnership with “Hope on Wheels foundation” at our CIPLA Balwadi no. 24 and 25 by Dr. Kunal Oswal and community doctor Dr. Manoj Yadav. CIPLA representative, Mr. Somnath also attended the event. 67 community members from Suryanagar and Vikhroli attended the event.
The objective behind organizing this drive was to spread awareness about epilipsey and break the myths about the disease and make people aware about the actual treatment procedure of epilipsey. Parents who participated in the event were very enthusiastic and were curious to know about the disease and its treatment.
9 participants, who are already diagnosed with epilipsey, were further enlightened regarding the disease and its treatment and they found the session to be quite useful.
One of the participants, Renuka Marathe, said the following: “Mumbai Smiles, through its programs, has been able to create an environment to foster both education for the children and awareness among the community members.”
We have organized many such drives in the past covering TB and various other health related diseases and hope to organize similar such drives in the future and spread awareness.
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