Children’ day celebration at Balwadis

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Balwadi children performing on stage

Balwadi children performing on stage

Children’s day, also known as “Bal Diwas”, in India falls on November 14th every year and for good reason. Children’s day in India is celebrated on Pandit Nehru’s birthday as a day of fun and frolic, a celebration of childhood, children and Nehruji’s love for them. As a tribute to this great man and his love for the children, his birthday is celebrated all over India as “Children’s Day”. All over the country, various cultural, social, and even corporate institutions conduct competitions for children. It’s a day for children to engage in fun and frolic. Schools celebrate this day by organizing cultural programs. Endorsed by global organizations and governments, this celebration aims to promote the wellbeing of children and to uplift their social rights, create attentiveness on the commitment on the development of children and ensure a better future.

On this occasion, the Balwadi team at Mumbai Smiles organized “BAL-MOHASTAV” in all 7 balwadi areas. The celebration involved various events, such as dance, singing, reciting poems, exhibition of articles and drawings made by children, Health talk by Local Health worker on child Health and many more. The celebrations have already taken place at 3 Balwadis and the remaining are yet to follow. At these 3 Balwadis, 90 children and 200 parents participated in the celebration. The objective of this event was to motivate children to participate in various activities, to encourage stage performance and to create a platform for social awareness among community members.

One of the community members, Suman Mule, who attended this event, said the following: “Mumbai Smiles organizes events that not only benefits the beneficiaries but also gives us a platform to spread awareness about various health related issues”.

Happy Children’ day to all the wonderful children out there!

Balwadi children's performance and Exhibition of art work

Balwadi children’s performance and Exhibition of art work

Life Skills empowerment beneficiaries performing street play for the participants

Life Skills empowerment beneficiaries performing street play for the participants


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