All good things begin with you!

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Mumbai Smiles performs multiple face-to-face workshops and individual training sessions for teachers to equip them to impart quality education in a creative manner across the schools they are engaged with. We take extensive efforts to encourage and motivate our beneficiaries and emphasize the importance of imparting quality education to their students. The motivation provided by Mumbai Smiles has also created a spirit encouraging some of our own employees to pursue their dream of an education.

As the saying goes, “All good things begin with YOU” and Prafullata and Smita, our own employees have practiced this saying in reality setting up a fine example for others to follow.

Prafullata, our FCO, has always been a great mentor in all the educational projects of Mumbai Smiles Foundation. Smita, Field Co-ordinator. Both, Prafullata and Smita, while balancing responsibilities at work and home, pursued their dream of acquiring a formal graduation degree B.A. (Bachelor of Arts).

The road to this success was not an easy one and a lot owes to the support offered by their families in helping them achieve this dream.

We wish you all the best Prafullata and Smita!


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