A Group of 6 Entrepreneurs Visit Mumbai Smiles

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A group of 6 entrepreneurs visited Mumbai Smiles as a part of their course wherein they wished to understand the functioning of an organisation and the challenges it faces. They are a part of the team company ‘FREEMO’ from the Master Yourself Program of TeamLabs and the project they have designed is called Juegacetamol. It’s objective is to design games that help adults have empathy, improve their productivity and increase their creativity through various individual and collective games

As a part of Teamlabs they have been visiting various places to expand their horizons and Mumbai Smiles was one visit in which they had great interest.

Natasha Rolston, Program Coordinator for New Glances and Awareness Project took them to the Balwadi and the SEED centre. These entrepreneurs were from Colombia, Portugal and Spain.

Having been impressed with our work, here’s what they had to say-

“The Project visits and the Mumbai Smiles projects in itself in general were super interesting and inspiring. All of us really liked this experience and we will go home with a smile like the ones you help bring about in Mumbai Smiles. We all want to congratulate you and encourage you to keep doing the amazing work. All the best! ” – Wilmer, Claudia, Ana, Juan, Angel and Eloy.

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  • Kalidas Rote

    Wilmer, Claudia, Ana, Juan, Angel and Eloy thanks all of you….we hope , we will be give the support for beneficiaries to grow the productivity, quality etc.