Jaume Sanllorente Overcomes COVID19

We are very happy to share the news and confirm that our Founder and General Director, Jaume Sanllorente has successfully survived COVID19. According to the instructions of the medical team which has been treating and monitoring him during his [...]

Udaan Centre is Growing!

We have already been talking about the shelter that we have set up for women who are struggling to break the chains of human trafficking. The center is Udaan, which means to take flight. As promised yesterday, we have a very good news to share [...]

Arya Will Have Better Life with Mumbai Smiles

Arya is 14 years old, lives with her mother and her two sisters, in a shelter home near Thane. So far her life has not been easy, her mother is sick with HIV. They earn their life y earning money through occasional prostitution and the salary [...]

One Year of Pandemic

It has been one year of Pandemic! On this same day last year, we all were already been forced to stay at home when the lockdown was imposed due to the spread of the life threatening COVID19 virus. Initially, we thought that this virus would [...]