Children’s Day and Child Safety

For over 60 years the International Children’s day is being celebrated on 20th November to create awareness about Child Rights all over the world. Every country celebrates this day on different dates during the year. In [...]

Smiles through Their Lenses

Smiling Bus is one of those projects in which our team has taken lots of efforts to reach out to those children who are deprived of their right to education, who cannot pursue their dream of learning because of their family responsibilities. [...]

Diwali: The Festival of Light and New Beginnings

Festival of Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festivals across India. Diwali literally means ‘a row of lights’ and itself symbolises positivity and energy. It is a Festival of lights and New Beginnings. Diwali comes 20 days later the [...]

Knowing yourself is the Beginning of all Wisdom

International Girl Child Day was celebrated with great pride this year with participants from our first LSE batch.  The pandemic did limit any celebrations in person, however, the positive side of this situation was that it enabled all the team [...]

A Story of Suresh and Deepali – Mumbai Smiles Family

Here in Mumbai Smiles we work together towards a common goal, we have one mission and one vision. However, back as an individual, each one of us has our own challenges and our own battles to fight. This is a story of Suresh and Deepali Harke. [...]