Meet Sachin, Program Manager of Education

Hello all! Today let’s meet one of our team members, Sachin Bhagat, who is a Program Manager of the department of Education at Mumbai Smiles Foundation. Let’s get to know Sachin better and understand his work and [...]

7000km x Bombay: Workout for a Cause

7000km x Bombay is an initiative from our sister organization, Sonrisas de Bombay, requesting support to help us succeed in our mission: the peaceful struggle against poverty in Mumbai. Although Spain, and specifically the city of Barcelona, is [...]

Direct message from our beneficiaries makes us stronger

When you work towards achieving your goals with optimism and giving it all you have, blessings and support from your well-wishers and a strong sense of belief in yourself. These are the factors that help you stay focused and brave the odds. For [...]

Celebrating the Guru Purnima day

Guru is the one who imparts knowledge to their students without any expectations. We worship our GURU/ mentor on the full moon day of this month in India every year to show our gratitude towards our teachers. This is an auspicious day for the [...]

Covid-19 Emergency Aid Resumes

On 1st July, everyone was awaiting the announcement of the second unlock phase hoping to have further relief in the restrictions. People were hoping that an unlock would lift some of the restrictions enabling them to get back to their small [...]