“If you are not fair, you won’t find groom”

“If you are not good looking and fair you will not get married”, is a common dialogue not only in conservative families but also in educated, well cultured Indian families. In the 21st century women have been [...]

Happy International Sign Languages Day

On the International Day of Sign Languages, our founder and General Director, Jaume Sanllorente, reminds us of the importance of being able to communicate and share our thoughts so that deaf people from the most vulnerable communities can have [...]

When Failure turns out to be a New Motivation

Surekha Dhadwe is a 48 years old preschool teacher working with Mumbai Smiles Foundation since 5 years and this is her inspiring story. Surekha was born and raised in the slums of Marol pipeline, Andheri along with her 7 siblings. Her father was [...]