Perhaps you have ever thought that you would like to leave a more just and better world terms. Leave a legacy in favour of the fight against poverty is a great gesture for a better future. Sometimes we believe that great actions are necessary to build a better world but we know that many people, in different places, doing small things, can change the world. All support is necessary and will make a difference in the lives of girls, boys, women and the most disadvantaged communities, with whom we work.

If you want more information, contact the Department of Strategic Alliances and call on 0034 93 467 34 45 or send an email to

Mumbai Smiles has collaborated with Testamenta who will facilitate and ensure the completion of your wish online and thus will include us in it. Testamenta takes care of everything: they will fill a form for you, provide you a lawyer for any advises and they provide you with the notary to sign the testament. More information at

How your contributions will support us?





20 girls or boys

With 1.000€, 20 girls or boys from one of our kindergartens can enjoy good food and nutrition for a year.


1.000 people

With 5.000€, we will be able to purchase the necessary medicines for around 1.000 beneficiaries to carry out health checks for a year.


30 students

With 7.000€, 30 students from homeless families can have access to school transport, which allows them to travel to school for a whole year.

10.000 €

1 year rescue

With 10.000€, we will be able to carry out investigations and rescue operations for victims of human trafficking for a year.


Porque con tu aportación ayudarás a:

Impulsar y facilitar el acceso a la educación

Reducir los niveles de malnutrición infantil

Evitar el trabajo infantil y que los niñas y niñas puedan caer en redes de explotación.

Asegurar la igualdad de género en el acceso a la educación.

Proporcionar atención médica y acceso a medicamentos esenciales.

Mejorar las condiciones de higiene en los slums.

Potenciar el empoderamiento de la mujer, a través de la mejora al acceso a puestos de trabajo con un sueldo digno.


Make a donation of specific amount to Mumbai Smiles through legacy.

In case you do not have heirs, you can name Mumbai Smiles as your universal heir, handing over all your assets, rights and / or shares.

In case you want to hand over your assets to more than one person and / or institution, you can appoint Mumbai Smiles as co-heir, indicating in the will the percentage assigned to each of the parties.


If you do not make a will, there is a law who decided the heirs by the kinship order. In case there are no forced heirs and no will has been declared, the law consider the state as the heir.

The part of inheritance that you grant to Mumbai Smiles will not be reduced by taxes, since being a legal entity; we are not subject to inherit the tax. In addition, being a private foundation, donations received in the form of inheritances and will are exempt from corporation tax.

In this way, we can assure you that your total legacy will go entirely to the communities with whom we work.

It is not necessary; you can modify the one you have by indicating it to the notary.

Mumbai Smiles allocates 11 cents of each euro received to administrative expenses, necessary to carry out collaborative projects where we work.

When you make the will they will ask you if you wish to communicate to Mumbai Smiles that you have delegate in their favour. The information will be confidential and will not commit you to anything. This option is completely voluntary and Sonrisas de Bombay will use your data only to send you information about the organization’s work and its activities.

It is recommended that the organization be aware of your decision to enforce your will when necessary, but especially so that you are a participant in the great impact that this decision will have on the continuity of its work.

On the other hand, you should know that the notary who has authorized the will is obliged, at the moment that the death of the testator comes to his knowledge, to notify the non-profit entities that appear in it of his appointment.

If the executor has been designated in the will, the executor must notify all the beneficiaries of the will of his / her appointment since he is obliged to enforce the will of the deceased.

If there is no executor, the heirs must agree, because in the partition of the inheritance all the beneficiaries included in the will must be present, since, otherwise, said partition could not be made.

Mumbai Smiles may receive the following goods:

  • Real estate: Flats, premises, chalets, country estates, etc., which will be valued by professionals outside the organization. Later they are sold, according to the price at which they have been appraised.
  • Other goods: Goods with sentimental value (photos, souvenirs, etc.) will be offered free of charge to relatives and people who have cared for the deceased. Low-value goods (household goods, for example) will be donated to other charities that help meet their needs, with the commitment that these organizations remove all the furniture from the property in order to proceed with its use or sale.
  • Valuables: such as jewellery, art work or antiques will be delivered to official entities for their custody, valuation and sale.
  • Cash: once awarded to Mumbai Smiles, it will be deposited in the Foundation’s treasury to directly finance the collaborative projects which we conduct in the intervention areas, where we have our projects.

If you want to leave any other type of property, do not hesitate to discuss it with the lawyer or notary who creates your will and they will inform you of the possibilities.


Ana Toledano
Strategic Alliance Head
Tel. 93 467 34 45