“Give a Hand” as Mr. Daniel: Part II

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Mr. Daniel, President of ‘Give a hand’ organization based in Canada associated with Mumbai Smiles in May 2014. Since then his alacrity has helped us take the Life Skills Empowerment program for adolescent girls to the community people in Mumbai. Mr. Daniel’s visit to Mumbai Smiles essentially ensured a thorough interaction with the team and the beneficiaries to comprehend the various aspects of the project.

Daniel’s vision for Life Skills empowerment (LSE) project germinates from the idea that girls in these communities are very timid and scared to raise their voice, and chase their dreams, hence a project like this would provide them with the tools that will enable them to develop their own identity, and encourage them to be agents of change in their communities, families and schools. This project will aim at training the beneficiaries in various aspects of Life skills in order to make them independent and self- sustained. School girls and drop out girls in the age group of 12 to 19 years are the central beneficiaries of this program. Mumbai Smiles’ LSE program aims at promoting their overall development, including focus on improving the nutritional and health checkups of girls and training and equipping them with and vocational skills. A Central aspect about this project, as highlighted by Mr. Daniel is –‘Connecting people from the community with the people of the community’ Animators are from the community who are trained by Mumbai Smiles and then they connect better with the girls, this is much more impactful then getting trainers from outside the community to interact with the girls and understand their issues. Mr. Daniel noted that “this creates a conducive environment for the girls to grow and find themselves. This is a place where no one will judge or reprimand them. We are sowing seeds. One of our funds at Give a Hand is very aptly, called ‘Seeds of Joy’– we create foundations for these girls and all other groups we work with around the globe; to grow. All of Give a Hand projects are aimed at providing opportunities to help people get closer to their dreams. Together we reach out, give them hope and slowly change the world!”

Mr. Daniel’s visit and vision has greatly enriched the program. His experience of 13 years in the development sector has helped make LSE an extremely fruitful program, whose outcomes are conspicuously visible in the 4 months of its foundation. Mr. Daniel further added that “My vision is to provide opportunities and tools to people from across the world to realize their dreams and ambitions. If we are in tune with where they are, what they are, where they come from it makes it much more effective for us to work with them.

All of us have DREAMS. Everyone should nurture them and continue to believe in them”


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